Friday, 9 December 2011

The first ten pounds, taking fifty to fourty!

Since my early teens I have battled with my weight, I've tried every diet out there, too many exercise DVD's and been through the vicious cycle of loosing weight, only to gain it once again.

Seven weeks ago I started my new job and decided that I was going to loose my weight once and for all. I set myself the target of loosing a large 50 pounds by July and more importantly so, 14 before Christmas.

Today marks my first ten pound loss, meaning my one stone dream before Christmas is in fact achievable, as is the big fifty! How have I done this? Simple! Just a mere 20-30 minutes of zumba a day, walking home when possible (living in the U.K means this is very weather dependent) and following the slimming world diet. If I'm being honest, I haven't pushed myself as hard as I could, eating regularly on the weekends however this doesn't seem to have affected it too much.

Considering it is the Christmas season, I am going to allow myself to have the weekends off because heck it's only natural to eat, drink & be merry around Christmas time! However come January, it's time to kick my booty into action.

I look forward to announcing my next 10 pound loss! Lot's of love, Lauren!

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